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District sanitation groups set up for disposal of waste

The Local Government & Rural Development Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa notified that they have directed the authorities for collection and dispatching of waste and garbage throughout the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

They directed the local government members along the Nazimin of village councils to take action for fixing the matter at ground level.

The first meeting of District Sanitation Group may by convened before January 10, 2017.

The competent Authority in the Local Government Elections and Rural Development Department has notified District Sanitation Coordination Group (DSG) in each district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the following Goals, Composition and Terms of Reference with immediate effect.

The long run goal of DSG will be to map and pool up sanitation specific financial, human and material resources at District, Tehsil and VC/NC levels in the district. For this purpose suitable initiatives under District Annual Development Program will have to be started for which the competent authority will issue suitable directives in due course.

However, the immediate or short run goal of DSG under this notification is to coordinate all sanitation related activities at these three levels under its institutional oversight f0r quick efficiency gain in this area of extreme public interest.

The format devised is like, Deputy Commissioner of the District (Chairman), Assistant Director Local Government and Rural Development (Secretary), Tehsil/Town Municipal Officer of each Tehsil/ Town Municipal Administration in the District (Members), Chief Executive of Water Sanitation Services Company (WSSC) in those districts where these companies have been established (Members)

DSG shall serve as oversight and lead institution for the activity of waste collection and disposal from around rural and urban areas in the district as required under section 22(h),29(1) read with section 29(2) of the Local Government Act 2013 and as directed by the Chief Minister of the Province, DSG will ensure that AD LGRD and coordination with VC/NC s Nazims/ Secretaries have pre-identified and have listed sites in each VC/NC for collection of solid waste by 7 January 2017.

For this purpose directives have already been issued to all AD LGRD in a meeting held the other day under chairmanship Secretary LG&RDD, DSG shall check that each TMA/WSSC has prepared a detail cyclical plan for removal of waste from the pre-identified site in VC/NCs and its transportation to the main dumping/disposal site by TMA/WSSC concerned, DSG will check that, for cleansing of public places in VC/NCs and for removing of waste collected after cleansing to pre-identified sites referred to above, adequate financial resources have been allocated in the Annual Budget 2016-17 by Village and Neighborhood Councils for this activity, The DSG will further check that, or collection of waste from the pre-identified sites in each VC/NC and transportation of collected waste to the main dumping/disposal site of TMA/WSSC concerned adequate financial resources have been allocated in the Annual Budget 2016-17 by the respective Tehsil/Town Municipal Administration or Water Sanitation Services Company as the case may be, The DSG will oversee special sanitation and cleanliness campaigns/weeks and drives of the provincial government executed from time to time, The DSG will hold weekly meetings to maintain constant oversight over implementation of the framework, It will be the personal responsibility of every AD LGRD to convene and to coordinate for the DSG meetings with Deputy Commissioners, TMOs and CE WSSC, Each TMO/CE WSSC shall personally attend the meeting and will update DSGs on their progress.

Staff Report. District sanitation groups set up for disposal of waste. Daily Times, January 7, 2017.

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