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Farmers, traders protest ban on fertiliser transportation to Kurram

The farmers and traders on Monday staged a protest against the ban on transportation of fertilizer to Kurram Agency and urged the government to lift the restriction or else they would stage a protest in front of the Governor’s House in Peshawar.

The protesters started the rally from the Kashmir Chowk and reached Tori Bazaar after passing through various routes and markets.Tribal elder Faqir Hussain Tori, Rauf Hussain, traders’ union president Kamal Hussain and others led the protesters.

Speaking on the occasion, Faqir Hussain said the government had banned the transportation of fertilizer to Kurram Agency, which caused huge loss to farmers and traders.He said that fertilizer was smuggled from Afghanistan to Kurram Agency. He said the price of a bag of fertilizer was Rs1600 but the smuggled fertilizer was sold at a high rate.

“The farmers cannot afford to buy the smuggled fertilizer,” he added. He termed the restriction on fertilizer as economic murder of the farmers and people associated with agriculture.

Kamal Hussain said the political administration seized his two trucks loaded with fertilizer a year ago. Rauf Hussain said that around 90 percent population of Kurram Agency depended on agriculture and the restriction was affecting them.When contacted, Assistant Political Agent Shahid Ali Khan said the political administration had taken up the matter with the high-ups to lift the ban.

Reporter. Farmers, traders protest ban on fertiliser transportation to Kurram. The News, March 7, 2017.

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