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Farmers welfare

Farmers are backbone of agriculture, livestock and dairy farming sectors and their hard work day and night produce food grains like wheat, rice, cotton, vegetable for consumption of the local people and for export purposes. The Punjab Government fully realizes the importance of farmers in the development of agriculture-based economy and has already taken and is taking a host of measures for welfare and well-being of the farming community in the province. Undoubtedly, sustainable development of agriculture, livestock and dairy farming sectors will certainly greatly help not only in strengthening the economy but also in poverty alleviation and reduction in unemployment in the province.
It is good to note that the provincial government has taken a good, positive initiative forward to provide interest-free loans to enable the small farmers meet their seed, fertilizer and other necessities for various crops. According to a conservative estimates, more than six lakh small farmers are going to benefit of provision of interest-free loans for which a huge amount of Rs 100 billion has already been provided on the direction of Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif.
Furthermore, wheat procurement campaign is about to commence in the province and supply of gunny bags to farmers is scheduled to start from April 15, 2017. The provincial government, which is committed to the betterment of the farmers and improving their economic life, has already taken adequate measures to ensure that every single grain of wheat offered by the farmers is procured at the centres established for this purpose in the wheat growing areas of the province at the fixed support price of Rs 1300 per 40 kg. While appreciating all these measures, it is hoped that proper monitoring of the whole process is also provided and ensured so that the benefits intended for the farmers reach them without any problem or inconvenience or hitches created by anyone.

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