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Female education in Balochistan

Female education in Balochistan. We are well-aware that females play a vital role for the development and progress of the society, nation as well country. A famous saying goes like this: when you educate a man you educate a man when you educate a female you educate a nation. This means that female education is extremely necessary for the development of the country. But dear readers, the level of female’s education is Balochistan is extremely poor. Due to the deficiency of Educational institutions, the girls are losing their purpose of life and passing their lives without performing any special thing.

Because there are very few schools, colleges, and universities for girls, girls often do not go to school. In Makran, the largest division of Baluchistan female just pass their entire life for domestic work because of little or no educational exposure.The Baloch consider themselves to be a respected nation but most of them don’t send their females to school. This is because they think that i our traditional manner dictate that females are just for domestic work. They also think that female education will hurt the prestige of their caste. But it’s the worst injustice for female to be at home and spend her life there.Today the main reason of being behind in the field of education is the lack of female education . Generally, he mothers of all Baloch are uneducated and tradition and they want to make their female children to be like them.

It’s the extremely requested the government of Baluchistan to increase the number of institutions in Baluchistan. I want to further request families of Baloch to please let the female children to get education .

Naseer, Naghma. Female education in Balochistan. The Nation, November 6, 2017.

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