Global warming

Like the rest of the world, Pakistan is also being affected by sudden climate changes. The early start of summer and the unusual hot weather are the evidence of the effects of climate change. This year, the country witnessed harsh and prolonged winter. These changes have not only affected human lives, but they have also had adverse impact on live stocks and agriculture. Although we have a distinct ministry to deal with this serious subject, the government is not serious about doing something to tackle the issue. The Ministry of Climate Change has to work in collaboration with the Met office, but it is unfortunate that the latter does not have sophisticated and modern machinery to forecast weather.

The country does not have experts that can advise the government how to handle climate change issues and challenges. The government should take this matter seriously. Because of climate change, not only the daily lives of the people are affected, but the country’s overall productivity is also affected. The crop production remains low because of climate change. This is the responsibility of the government to pay attention to this issue at the earliest.

Charles, Alfred. Global warming. The News, May 9, 2017.

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