Global warming

Global warming is not just a theory or something we read about in books, it’s a reality – a threat. With the recent events of hurricanes Harvey and Irma causing havoc in its wake, it is about time we must do something about climate change that has been threatening the people for a long time now. The reason behind these disasters is clear – climatic change. The warm weather conditions of the Atlantic Ocean caused the destructive storms to rage across the Caribbean. The islands and mainland US have been hit by three destructive hurricanes in recent weeks: Harvey, Irma and Maria. That is not simply a coincidence, say climate experts – instead, it is a demonstration of global warming in action.

Pakistan is also under threat from climate change. The melting of glaciers, frequent earthquakes, droughts and severe heat wave, all pose a formidable threat to the country. New studies claim that Pakistan is under the list of most vulnerable countries that will bear the brunt of irreversible effects of climate change. Many experts believe that by 2025, Pakistan will face water shortage. It’s a wakeup call for everybody to realise the impact climate change will have on the country in years to come. The country should take counter measures such as planting more trees, building dams and preserving water, if it wants to fight climate change in an efficient manner. Citizens too should play their part in saving our country before it’s too late.

Editorial. Global warming. The News, October 1, 2017.

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