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Kot Addu is a city of Muzaffargarh District in the Punjab province of Pakistan, the city, which is subdivided into 3 Union Councils, is the capital of Kot Addu tehsil It is located in the southern part of the province, and is a very historic city. It has a population of over 1 million making it the 400th largest city in Pakistan. It is built just east of the Indus River, more or less in the centre of the country, and about 866 km from Karachi, 600 km from Islamabad, 100 km from Multan, 80 km from D.G.Khan, 60 km from Muzzafargarh, 60 km from Layyah and 16km from Taunsa Barrage. Kot Addu City, being a historic and prosperous city, attracts a number of tourists every year and is known as the ‘City of Rivers’.The city of Kot Addu is located in southern Punjab province and almost at the exact centre of Pakistan. The area around the city is a flat plain and is ideal for agriculture. There are many canals that cross Kot Addu, providing water from nearby rivers. It is extremely hot in the Summer.

The majority of Kot Adu’s residents are native speakers of the Saraiki language, though being situated in the province of Punjab many people also know Punjabi and the national language, Urdu. The vast majority of the population is Muslim. English is widely understood among the educated. Kot Addu is home to many literary figures and poets who are known throughout the country.

The famous folk singer Mr. Pathanay Khan belonged to this city. Pathanay Khan The recurring identification of misery of family of late Pathaney Khan, by the news report in daily Dawn on May 1st 2007, the international day of laborers, may still have not stirred the minds. In this small city of Kot Addu near High School No. 2, where Pathaney Khan has left his assets, consisted of one widow, sons and daughters and some priceless relics like Tabla, Harmonium etc. His fame and audience have crossed the shores of every continent, but no body could know his poor financial condition beyond appreciating his spiritual ‘kaffis’. He claimed that recording company did not pay his royalty in his last days of life. Afterwards, the family of the deceased was helped by very few organizations. Pathaney Khan is famous for singing Sufi poetry of “Baba Bhulley Shah” and “Khawja Ghulam Farid”. Few of his melodies are etched in one’s mind and they penetrate deep into the soul. It’s just not the composition but meaningful poetry of great Sufi writers such as “Meda Ishq Vi Tu, Meda Yar Vi Tu”, “Mera Ranjhan Hun Koi Hor”, “Ghoom Charkhrya Ghoom”.

Kot Addu is rich as far as schools and educational campuses are concerned. There are many colleges involved in the grooming of students and fulfilling desire of acquiring and distribution of knowledge and education. In last few years, mushroom growth of quality educational institution is observed in this neglected region. But now there are various private commerce collages, schools, academies and cadet college. There is one degree college for boys and girls each.

Kot Addu is a commercial and industrial centre, it is connected by road a rail with Lahore and Karachi, Multan, Islamabad and by air from Multan to Karachi, Quetta, and Faisalabad. Industries include Kot Addu Power Company (KAPCO), Cotton factories; foundries; cotton, woolen and silk textile mills; flour, sugar and oil mills; and a large thermal-power station and farm machinery. It is famous for its handicrafts (Kundar work) and cottage industries. There are hospitals, public gardens, and several colleges affiliated with the Bahuddin Zakrya University, Multan. This University was established in 1975. Large, irregular suburbs have grown outside the old walled town, and two satellite towns have been set up. Mangoes of Shujabad district are the best in the world. Multani khussa (shoes); embroidered clothes for ladies; embroidered cholas for men; earthenware pottery, painted potter, camel skin ware (e.g. lamps); carpets wooden products, especial lacquered wood.

Some of the Educational Institue in Kot Addu:

Ali cadet college kot addu (from class 6th to F.Sc.)

English Plus School Sysytem Kot Addu( From Class play group to 5th)

  • Meri Darsgah
  • City School Kapco
  • Laarners School
  • Loard School
  • Danish Public School.
  • Punjab Group Of Colleges,The Educators

Kot Addu is an important agricultural, industrial and tourist area. Wheat, cotton and Sugarcane are the main crops grown in the district. Besides, Rice, Maize, Tobacco, Bajra, Moong, Mash, Masoor and Oil Seed such as Rape / Mustard and Sun Flower are also grown in minor quantities in the district.

Fruits such as Mangoes, citrus, guavas and pomegranates are the main grown in the Kot Addu City. Dates, jaman, pears, falsa and banana are also grown in minor quantities in the district.

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