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Medics urged to ensure infection-free environment

Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Principal Prof Ghiasun Nabi Tayyab has urged doctors and paramedical staff to follow all the laid down standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure maximum hygienic at hospitals.

Addressing a ceremony regarding ‘Infection Prevention’ at the Lahore General on Saturday, he said that infection prevention was a must for establishing a healthy society.

“It is our social obligation to focus on infection control,” he said, adding: “Being Muslims, we need to ensure maximum cleanliness.”

He exhorted doctors, nurses and paramedical staff to observe the Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) and leave no stone unturned in maintaining an infection-free environment at hospitals.

Lahore General Hospital (LGH) Medical Superintendent Dr Ghulam Sabir said that the patients brought with them many germs and it was the duty of medical staff to deal with them while implementing procedures laid down to ensure cleanliness.

Other speakers also emphasised upon the need to adopt infection control methods. “We we should endeavour individually and collectively to confront this challenge and make our lives germs free and avoid diseases as well.”

Prof Imran Hassan Khan and infection control supervisors Samar Naaz, Nasira Hassan and Quratul Ain also addressed and gave a number tips to control infection at hospitals, which also demands proper disposal of the used medical equipment. Badges were also distributed among some of the participants of the ceremony on which it was written that every step would be taken to control infection and save people from germs.

Participants termed it a good step to create awareness among the public about infection control. They said that such practices would leave a far-reaching impact to take practical steps in this regard.

Staff Report. Medics urged to ensure infection-free environment. Daily Times, October 22, 2017.

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