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MoU inked to improve Chaunsa production

The Punjab Agriculture Department has signed an agreement with a private sector company to improve agricultural sustainability and production in Chaunsa mango sector.

As part of the project, the company will take on board Mango Research Institute, Multan as a research partner. The project will also help in gaining access to latest research techniques in mango sector as well as best farm practices.

Agriculture Secretary Muhammad Mahmood said, “Chaunsa is one of the best varieties of mango with potential for export. But again, we need to teach farmers how to improve quality and quantity of yield.”


Mango exports went up by 16%to 28,000 tonnes in 2016 as compared to 24,000 tonnes shipped in 2015. Pakistan during the last one year exported mangoes to at least 47 states, including the European countries where over 2,700 tonnes have so far been exported with an increase of 47%. Last year, 1,400 tonnes were exported to EU, whereas 2,000 tonnes were exported to the UK.

The history

Popularly known as the king of mangoes, Chaunsa is one of the most favourite varieties of mangoes in Pakistan. It is in high demand during summer and is also exported to other countries, including Middle East, Europe and United States.

The mouth-watering fruit, with a unique taste and sweetness in its flavour, is mainly produced in Multan Sahiwal, Mirpurkhas and other districts of Punjab and Sindh.

According to historians, the credit of making Chaunsa popular throughout the subcontinent goes to Sher Shah Suri, the founder of Sur Empire in North India in the 15th century.  While commemorating his victory over Humayun at Chausa in 1540, he named his favourite mango as Chaunsa.

This variety of mango is soft, almost fibreless and has an aromatic pleasant sweet flavour. Its rich aroma, sweet taste, juicy pulp and high nutritional value make it the best fruit of summer. In Pakistan, the Chaunsa season starts in June and ends in August. There are three known types of Chaunsa mangoes: Honey Chaunsa, Sweet Chaunsa and White Chaunsa.

Citation: Reporter. MoU inked to improve Chaunsa production. The Express Tribune, January 5, 2017.

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