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PDMA reminds govt to come up with contingency plan

As parts of Sindh remain in the grip of high temperature for the second consecutive day, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) reminded the Sindh government to come up with a contingency plan to deal with the looming heatwave threat.

According to the meteorological department, hot weather in Karachi is expected to continue till Thursday. The mercury surged to 41.5oC Tuesday morning. However, there was a decrease by early afternoon and it was recorded at 40.7oC at 2pm. Pakistan Meteorological Department Regional Director Abdul Rashid said that hot weather will continue till Thursday morning. Rashid further said the weather is likely to remain the same on Wednesday. However, evenings will be cooler than the days, he said.

Similarly, a maximum temperature of 42oC was recorded in Hyderabad with 8% humidity while that in different parts of upper Sindh ranged between 39oC to 41oC. Dadu witnessed the highest recorded temperature at 45oC. While the overall temperature in most of the cities and towns of upper Sindh increased by two to three degrees during the last two to three years, the situation in upper Sindh is far better than that of some cities and towns of lower Sindh. Last week’s light showers and gusty winds also helped maintain pleasant weather conditions in upper Sindh.

News Desk. PDMA reminds govt to come up with contingency plan. The Express Tribune, April 12, 2017.

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