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Poliovirus confirmed in infant

The Emergency Operations Centre, Balochis­tan, on Tuesday confirmed a new case of poliomyelitis in a four-month-old boy in the Meh­moodabad area of Cha­man town, Qila Abdullah district.

Parents of the infant said that the boy developed high-grade fever and weakness in muscles in the last week of December.

They first took him to a local dispensary and then to a paediatrician in Quetta where he was diagnosed suffering from polio after receiving confirmed medical results from the National Institute of Health Laboratory.

Reportedly, the boy didn’t receive routine anti-polio shots but was randomly vaccinated only twice, perhaps because of parental misconception about repeated immunisation.

This was the second case reported in Balochistan during 2016.

Reporter. Poliovirus confirmed in infant. Dawn, January 11, 2017.

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