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Private schools’ fee structure

It is of great concern that our country is facing major developmental challenges in many areas, including the much significant education sector. There exists a widening gap between the government and private schools due to multiple reasons but the problem, that goes unnoticed, is the system on which private schools are managed and run, a part of which is the fee structure of these institutions.

It might not be wrong to call private schools money-making factories since this is a harsh reality that many parents face these days. In the name of good quality education, parents are forced to pay heavy fee and finance various co-curricular activities for their children. Moreover, annual increase in the school tuition fee is a regular practice. There are numerous occasions when fee increments have led to protests by students and parents, yet their plea goes unheard by the provincial education departments. Often, parents agree to such impositions by the schools in order to avoid the educational loss their child may experience in the form of expulsion by the school administration. The Private Schools’ Management Association clearly seems to have an upper hand over the government in negotiations on the matter.

Therefore, the authorities concerned must look into the matter and take effective and immediate action against private schools.

Siddiqi, Zobia. Private schools’ fee structure. The Express Tribune, November 6, 2017.

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