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Punjab government to organize maize production competition

Punjab government is looking forward to holding a maize production competition in the maize growing districts of Punjab, chief minister Punjab has directed to organize this competition. According to APP Punjab agriculture department told them yesterday that they are completing the necessary arrangements to hold the competition for interested growers of the approved districts in Punjab.

The interested growers should register their names with agriculture department by the September 30, the department said prize money worth lacs would be awarded to the winners and runner ups.

Punjab has favorable conditions of growing maize in the cities, competitions like this can encourage growers to grow more and more maize which can eventually increase the total production in the country.

The purpose of the competition is to mobilize and socialize the agriculture sector, small and medium farmers and educate them to enable the improved production of crops.

Maize formally known as corn is used in many products, food, cosmetics, and drugs, it is also used in producing biofuel.

Zeb, Yasir. Punjab government to organize maize production competition. RS-TECH, September 13, 2017.

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