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Registration of Kukikhel IDPs of Tirah starts tomorrow

The much-awaited registration of the internally displaced families of Kukikhel tribe of Tirah will start from Monday (tomorrow) at the Shahkas levies centre in Jamrud.

Officials of the political administration said that the registration would be completed in two phases with the Fata Disaster Management Authority getting the electronic fingerprints of heads of those families who had been registered in 2012 after they fled their homes in the Kukikhel areas of Tirah, bordering Afghanistan.

They said that the remaining unregistered families would be registered in the second phase and the process would be completed by end of April. They said that the exact number of displaced Kukikhel families was not known as all of them could not be enrolled during the time of their migration to Jamrud and Peshawar when the military operation started in their areas.

The officials said that all the six sub-tribes of Kukikhel tribe, which included Katiakhel, Maiakhel, Abdalkhel, Sikandarkhel, Asadkhel and Walykhel/Madukhel would be given two days each to register themselves at the Shahkas registration centre.

Officials in Jamrud say the process will be completed in two phases

They said that the families already registered with them would be given Rs1,000 for transportation at the time of their return and remaining Rs25,000 as cash grant on their arrival at homes in Tirah. The registered returning families would also be given free ration for six months.

The officials, however, clarified that the newly-registered families would be given Watan cards for their return and Rs4,000 per head after their reaching homes. No free transportation would be provided to them, they added.

Sources in Jamrud said that security situation in Mehraban Kallay, Zarmanza, Tangu, Speenay Khawry, Serrai, Dwa Thoe, Thor Darra and Sra Vila was comparatively peaceful and it was expected that families belonging to these localities would be sent back once their registration was completed.

They said that areas bordering Afghanistan, which included Sur Kas, Zerigutt, Baragutt, Wachay Wanay, Bagh Maniakhel, Pug Darra, Thura Teega, Ghakhi, Kachkol, Speena Morga-Sattar and Kandu Gharebi were not yet cleared and security forces were still busy in clearing these troubled areas.

The Kukikhel-inhabited localities of Tirah valley were captured by Taliban and Lashkar-i-Islam in 2010 along with some surrounding areas of the valley. A large number of local residents had left their homes then.

The security forces later asked the entire local population to leave their houses after a military operation was started in 2012. Majority of the displaced Kukikhel families had been complaining since then that they were not registered by FDMA and were thus denied any temporary abode and other related facilities provided to other displaced families of tribal areas. Most of these displaced families had been residing either with their relatives or in rented houses in Jamrud and Peshawar without any official assistance.

Meanwhile, the Khyber Agency political administration distributed cheques among families of Bara whose houses were either fully or partially damaged due to acts of terrorism or military operations during the last seven years. Officials said that so far about Rs86 million were distributed among 2,445 affected families of Bara belonging to different tribes.

Shinwari, Ibrahim. Registration of Kukikhel IDPs of Tirah starts tomorrow. Dawn, April 9, 2017.

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