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Trained Educated Teachers Will Be Placed In All KPK Mosques

Auqaf Department was ordered to collect all information on the mosque all around KPK so that government would know what are the requirements and needs for the provision of trained teachers.  Ihsan Ghani, National Coordinator NACTA emphasized the importance of right teaching in order to control extremism in the country.

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The main theme of the presentation was education and awareness that is essential for creating a healthy image of Pakistan.
Pervez Khattak talked about the effort made by the provincial government along with armed forces to remove extremism and terrorism activities. The crime in KPK has reduced as education has improved. If poverty is controlled, unemployed individuals find employment, the gap between rulers and ruled is reduced, crime would automatically diminish.

Khattak was worried about the wrong ideas people have related KPK which stops them from coming to the province. He said it’s important the perceptions are replaced by reality. We tell people how the KPK of today is just moving towards growth and betterment. He also informed how CPEC would show the world the real KPK and prove how it is one of the most appealing locations for investors. He complimented effort by police to protect tourists in the province.

He continued to stress the importance of education and how the government has introduced the English language in schools from the beginning of student career.

Acting Chief Secretary KP Azam Khan, IGP Salahuddin Mehsud, secretaries of Home, Law, Elementary and Secondary Education, Higher Education, Local Government, Auqaf, Information, Culture departments and IG prisons were present on the occasion.

Anjum, Darakshan. Trained Educated Teachers Will Be Placed In All KPK Mosques. RS-TECH, September 7, 2017.

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