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United We Reach: An organization dedicated to improving education in Pakistan

United We Reach (UWR), a non-profit organization founded by Ashar Aziz, is all about affordable education for the underprivileged. Executive Director of UWR, Sabahat Rafiq, along with her team members have undertaken essential measures to implement the UWR model for education in Pakistan.

United We Reach is not an ordinary organization which endorses education; its aims are far more creative and effective in the long run. UWR’s core focus is to improve existing schools through enabling and easy-going technology which can be used by every individual, be it in a rural or urban area. One of UWR’s aims is to create a communicative rather rote driven classroom environment. Instead of having one sided lectures, the UWR approach to education involves interactive activities which promote critical thinking, engagement of students and collaboration.

Most importantly, existing schools and teachers are provided additional content, technology and analytics to holistically improve the current system of education. Moreover, delivering effective lesson plans through enabling technology ensures rapid academic growth. These inventive techniques can be fostered for better education around the globe in the near future.

United We Reach is perhaps the only organization dedicated to improving the education system the right way. UWR previously operated in Africa with same conditions listed above. United We Reach is gradually expanding its roots in Pakistan however, the core challenges of the organization are as follows:

–          Access to education: Perhaps the most important challenge for UWR is making sure that every child has equal and equitable access to education.

–          Affordability: Second, many underprivileged families have not enrolled their children in schools on account of costly education and UWR seeks to bridge that gap through affordable education for all.

–          Quality of education: Third, ensuring quality education is one of the biggest challenges for many organizations. Hence, providing education without compromising its quality is another major sphere UWR is invested in.

–          Scalability: The present system of education needs to be scalable in terms of expansion and steady growth. Unless scalability is not achieved, the primary goal of improving the current school system will wither.

–          Sustainability: Lastly, sustaining education and maintaining it at a certain level is very important; and so is its impact in the long run.

Recently, two major United We Reach inaugural events were held on March 31st and April 1st, 2017 in Lahore to promote the causes of the organization. UWR has facilitated steady progress in over three schools in Punjab; additional content, latest technology, digital and science labs and art rooms have been set up in these schools.

The curriculum is easy to understand and basic functions of tabs used by teachers establish a weekly report and academic growth of every child. United We Reach is all about raising education awareness for the children of humanity. The organization looks to improve the student-teacher dialog and enables teachers as well as students to think outside the box and use innovative methods to teach children. Additionally, UWR is sensitive to all cultures. Hence it manages to avoid potential conflicts that may stem from different parts of Pakistan.

In view of all UWR accomplishments, focus on lacking health facilities in schools is another dynamic this organization is dedicated to improving. Second, there are many visuals and user-friendly images in books designed exclusively for children to learn better. Lastly, inequality which greatly exists between boys and girls in terms of learning and attention is something United We Reach seeks to battle through education. As Nelson Mandela famously said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ and United We Reach is doing exactly that.

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