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Violence against women centre

The establishment of first ever Violence Against Women Centre in Multan is a commendable step on the part of government and brings to light the fact that government is leaving no stone unturned to empower women. Thanks to Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif, who despite difficulties remains committed and firm in his resolve to establish the Violence Against Women Centre. It is pertinent to mention here that Punjab is the first province of Pakistan that has introduced comprehensive reform package for women empowerment. If we look at the annals of history, we find that women played a leading role in all walks of life. They were mohadis, legislators, doctors, businesswomen, jurists, preachers, educationists and ambassadors.
Violence does not simply mean causing a physical harm to women but inflicting emotional trauma and causing psychological stunting is also considered as violence. Since our great religion Islam promotes gender equality and women rights, therefore, it is hoped that more such initiatives would be taken to encourage womenfolk to seek public role and help build their society. It is hoped that the establishment of this Centre would help decrease the conviction rate for violence against women crimes and give protection to women to be a respectable citizen.

Qasim, Ali. Violence against women centre. Pakistan Observer, April 5, 2017.

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