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Women in rural areas

About 60 percent of Pakistan’s population lives in the rural areas. Life in the rural areas is not as peaceful and easy as it seems or like we read in the storybooks. Gender inequality is very common in Pakistan, especially in small towns and villages. Women have no rights over themselves and they depend upon their families. These women are not allowed to step out of their houses and spend their entire lives while washing dishes, swiping the floors and making food for their families. A girl who did not serve her family all the time or stepped out of home is considered worth killing. She is not allowed to marry the man of her choice and the every decision of her family is implemented on her.

A rural girl spends the early 14 years learning household chores at her home and the rest of the life in practising them at in-laws. She is treated unfairly, beaten up and abused by her husband and at the end, is held responsible for each and every mistake. These illiterate, innocent and frightened women render services to father, brother and then to husband all their life. They are helpless and have no support system. Their lives are sad and full of hardships and the main reason for their sufferings is lack of education, restrictions, zero support and no value from their biological families.

Therefore, government should concentrate on the development of the rural areas and women in particular. The provision of equality and early education can help women contribute to national development. Women represent more than half population, however, education can turn them to a productive force for this arising economy. With the help of NGOs, government can provide them protection and area for land.

Source: Daily Times

Byline: Maryum Mehboob

Dec 30, 2016

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